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EFM (Gesellschaft für Enteisen und Flugzeugschleppen am Flughafen München mbH) has specialized in aircraft towing and de-icing services at Munich Airport since 1992. As a subsidiary of Lufthansa and FMG (Munich Airport operator) we treat safety and quality as our top priorities.

We also provide training, consultation and technical support in the field of towing and de-icing of aircraft. Under the AvGround brand name we have pooled all of our services in the area of IT solutions for ground handling process management. We are a one-stop shop for all of these services: from consultation to the implementation of tailor-made system solutions to ongoing support.

We offer

AvGround – Professional Aviation Ground Handling

AvGround meets the challenges posed by the technologies and processes in modern ground handling with high-performance dispatching and information systems. We equip mobile ramp units with intelligent radio information systems which continuously transmit their position, operational status, user data and complete trip data to dispatchers and controllers in real time. The analysis of the data will provide you with a comprehensive basis for invoicing as well as valuable information for your investment and personnel planning. AvGround's intelligent systems provide support and guidance through complex processes and simplify everyday operation - as easily and conveniently as a GPS system in a car.

DAISY – Digital Aviation Information System

Our flagship product DAISY (Digital Aviation Information System) optimizes command, control, communication and information of ground handling processes under different constraints. Process data are collected and provided for other areas like billing, resource planning or cost calculation. DAISY enables integration of the most diverse operational processes into the entire airport workflow.


MAS 365 Exhibitor:

Michael Springborn

EFM – Gesellschaft für Enteisen und Flugzeugschleppen am Flughafen München mbH

Mr. Michael Springborn
E-mail: michael.springborn@dlh.de
Tel:+49 89 977-50 05

Please visit the exhibitor's website for more information: www.efm.aero